Lost Things

by Dave Tough

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Some albums explore a broad range of sonic textures and lyrical themes.

This one doesn't.

Lost Things is a sustained evocation of an interconnected set of themes and emotions, with a sonic signature (a child of fluke more than design) that echoes those themes. It originated in my desire to form a country band, first in Peterborough and then, after I moved in 1996, in Guelph. The first six songs were written to be performed with this fantasy band, if and when it ever materialized. The three final songs comes from a little later, and were inspired by circumstances that I spelled out as clearly as I ever could on That One Little Lost Thing.

Hearing it now, outside of that experience, that sense of sadness touched with hope seems to infect the whole recording: the grim, underwhelmed performances and the grainy, hollow sound of the recording inadvertently conspire to reinforce the feeling the songs can't quite entirely carry. Lyrically, the thematic repetitions – the meditations on place, on righteousness, on wealth, on separation and loss – were not conscious, but are obvious to me now that I've moved on to another set of obsessions. I remember one bit, though, striking me at the time as being a kind of credo for the project as a whole: the last verse of Spring Psalm, which ends:

When you get down in the muck and stare the beast in the face
You say 'Look out town, I'm coming around, I'll put a spell on the place'

For what it's worth, this album, in another town and another time, is that spell.

Dave Tough, January 2006


released January 23, 2006

Dave Tough sang and played acoustic guitar, banjo, bottleneck guitar, mandolin, electric guitar, and bass on these songs.
Dave Tough (SOCAN) wrote every song except "Better Things" by Ray Davies of the Kinks.
Coby Dowdell recorded this music at Darcie and Dave's house in Ghelph, summer 1998.
Jim Guthrie mixed it at the Rock Sack in Guelph circa 2000.
Aaron Cavon mastered it at his house in Peterborough, winter 2006.
The CDs were manufactured at the Peterborough Arts Umbrella (thanks to Ian Osborn).
The package was designed by Brendon Mroz/GoLogo.




Dave Tough Peterborough, Ontario

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